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I do wish more things were completed of course, and that DCS had a dynamic campaign engine, and there was a more comprehensive road map for feature completion. But, all in all, I'd rather have this hornet in DCS than no hornet in DCS at all.

I know that according to everyone else here I'm supposed to hate it, and I'm a terrible person for daring to think that graphics are important, daring to enjoy a product that doesn't have every single aspect of the real aircraft functional, and daring to enjoy something ED has made. And I know that by giving ED my money I've clearly perpetuated a cycle of evil that is ruining the very fabric of our lives. And of course the only way for ED to be defeated is for good, morally upstanding people to stop giving them money.

I'll probably be banned for saying all that, because it is the sole purpose of every flight sim ever to only be about #thesystems.

I'm sure you know SimHQ well enough to know you won't be banned for saying those things smile

End of the day, it's your money and you can spend it as you please. You have been open about your expectations and about the shortcomings of the sim and have given a fair assessment of it. I have said it before -- if ED were able to commit to a 1-2 year development timeline for the Hornet and if ED had a better track record of hitting its deadlines without Wags having to resort to promises, I'd be right alongside you guys enjoying the Hornet **NOW**. Alas!!

However, the general positive feedback on the module is giving me hope. ED seems to have mostly nailed this initial release so if they can make regular, steady progress on the module, refrain from breaking non-broken stuff (2 steps forward, 3 steps back), don't get distracted by other modules or private contracts, and introduce the new systems in a timely manner, then I look forward to buying the Hornet module soon.

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But, I also look at it this way: if you were given the keys to an F/A-18C in real life, would you say "no", because you couldn't blow stuff up? I wouldn't.

As I said, I think the issue here isn't the module or the Hornet itself but rather ED as a developer and its track record. Look at it this way: if the Hornet module was sold by another dev with a better track record, even if it was sold with the same number of features, it'll probably get more sales.

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