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And as opinions are judgements based on our individual value system, opinions are always right

An opinion you arrive at after considering erroneous or false information is "right"? No, you were duped into making that opinion, you were misled into thinking the product aligned with your individual value system, how does that = "right"?

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I agree opinions can change if perception changes, however this is best done in a strength based approach. I can't really say your posts are strength based.
So if you truly, truly want to impact us poor sods' opinions try using a strength based approach as this has been proven to have the biggest impact on allowing people to make long term positive lifestyle change.

You'll have to link me to an explanation of what you're talking about there. I googled the term(s) and had quite a few different results so might be best to give me a link so that we're on the same page wink Having said that, I don't really believe in serving the truth in a red velvet pillow so that it's more palatable for others. Like I said, the truth doesn't care about your feelings, generally speaking, and you can deny or ignore them as you wish smile

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1. They don't have to respect my wishes as its only a request.
Apologies for that, I must've misread something somewhere smile I still wonder where you think in this thread there is a giant cess pool? We go off topic every now and again, but such is the nature for almost everything in SimHQ, not just here on the DCS sub forum. I do think there are a few instances of ad hominems or pissing constests as you call it, but overall, I think it's a good thread smile

2. Azazel was just like you said one hit wonder. I just shake my head at those people. Notice he hasn't posted since?
I felt like you were calling me out when you said "but just don't jump on someone for their opinion being opposite of yours" so I was wondering why you weren't calling him out despite a more direct attack at a forum member?

3. Heating discussions are one thing. Pissing contest usually = attacking each other.
True. I do like the discussions going on but people seem to think presenting an opposing view automatically makes it a pissing contest and not a discussion simply because they are not comfortable with how the discussion is turning out.

4. Different opinions are fine, as I said, attacking the person for their opinion is not.
Challenging the opinion is fine. I think in this sub forum, I'm the most personally-attacked person biggrin

Now can we go back to talking about the F/A-18? Do you have the module Ice?
No, I do not, but it was a very, very, very hard struggle for me not to order it if I'm honest. I do envy those that have bought it and are enjoying what limited features it has, but I don't want to buy it, have a bad experience, and ruin the rest of the module for myself. I'll wait for a more feature-complete version which although I **hope** won't take long, ED's track record does not inspire much confidence in that hope. I am lucky this was the Hornet. If it was the Tomcat, I'd have been all in!! biggrin ED track record be damned!!

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I don't know what to make of Ice, he seems upset, or makes comments that are inexplicable or contradictory because he has to win the argument or he has to be the SME on everything, despite their being no argument, attacks people despite posts that echo basically the same opinion, effectively supporting him or the same view. I don't want to say these things, but I don't know what the f### is happening. There may be more than one person in there, or he may now actually be a fanboy. I think he secretly has a thing for ED despite his posts, can't come to grips with it, or he may be confused. I know he wants to take over the forum or whatever thread he gets involved in, to root it out wherever it may be, although at times the posts don't make sense and come out of both sides of his mouth, and I can't understand what he's talking about.

What is SME?

I do apologize for mis-reading the tone of your posts smile Written media being hard to work out the tone and all. You are, however, correct. I am, or rather, WAS, a fan of ED. I had LOMAC and FC2 and got more involved with the sim in FC2 flying the A-10A and bought the A-10C on Beta and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have BS2 and FC3 as well. I am a fan of ED who has been disappointed with the direction and management of the sim for years. Maybe that's why you think I'm contradictory? There are some aspects of the sim I will not dispute -- eye candy, viability as a training platform for newbie sim pilots, the value of DCS A-10C and DCS BS2 -- ED has those things right or mostly right smile It's when ED fumbles with the rest of the project that disappoints me.

I have opted to take the negative side of the argument, to play devil's advocate of sorts. When the community can easily counter my concerns with truth and facts, when ED realizes its mistakes and starts learning from them and correcting them, when I can easily be PROVEN WRONG, I will be a very happy simmer. As always, the ball is in ED's court.

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Ice is a good guy. Look at what he has done for BMS.
ED/DCS has very questionable business model of pushing products out and never really finishing them.

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I know Ice is a good guy, otherwise I wouldn't talk to him. And very knowledgeable, and quite entertaining, but he's correct only 95% of the time, and that's a damn good score in my book.

Thanks guys! I appreciate being assessed not just by my DCS presence but by my activity as a flight simmer and community member. A long, long time ago, I wrote this newbie guide as I was taking up new Warthog pilots and some of them were so new they didn't know what "OSB" was. I've trained up a few Hog pilots and later on, some Viper pilots too, so yes, I am a fan of COMBAT flight simulation and I am eager to share it with others smile

95% is way more than I was expecting so I wonder why you say "only"? smile Anyway, thanks for that generous assessment but as I mentioned earlier, when ED starts proving me wrong, I would be a very happy 15% correct simmer wink

- Ice