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Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, not all opinions are correct. Opinions formed from correct, factual information, and decisions based from that informed opinion are much better and can stand up to scrutiny, yes? Opinions based on false information, over-hyped marketing, misleading comments, and decisions based on that ill-informed opinion are not likely to end in a good experience for the individual, correct?

Ice. Opinions are not a right, it's the human condition, perhaps you are referring to the right of people to express their opinion. Thank you for this

And as opinions are judgements based on our individual value system, opinions are always right

I agree opinions can change if perception changes, however this is best done in a strength based approach. I can't really say your posts are strength based.

So if you truly, truly want to impact us poor sods' opinions try using a strength based approach as this has been proven to have the biggest impact on allowing people to make long term positive lifestyle change.

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I bought the Hornet, really enjoying it, though it has a long way to go before it's potential is realized