You have an interesting sense of ownership on your threads. However, since it is not your forum, how do you expect people to follow one set of rules for your threads but another set of rules for other threads?

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1. Not my job to call out people in other threads if its not my thread. I generally stay out of pissing contests.

But if it's your thread, it's your "job"? Regardless, I don't see you calling out Azazel for a character attack on the first page of this thread.

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2. Yes, I have seen #%&*$# in my life I wouldn't wish my on enemy so civility in my threads isn't too much to ask.

I agree. We may differ in opinions and preferences but at the end of the day, it's a sim, it's a hobby, and I wish nobody any ill will, but discussion can be heated at times. Doesn't mean it's a pissing contest though. That, or I'm misunderstanding the term.

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3. You are correct as long and you aren't attacking the person.

I may be reading your statement wrong here, but if you're wrong, you're wrong regardless of whether you're attacking the person or the post. If you're wrong **AND** attacking the person, then you're just.... well, the correct word escapes me at the moment smile

- Ice