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Calling someone out negatively (ATTACKING THEIR CHARACTER) because you don't like their opinion is what I am talking about.

I agree with you there. However, do you only care if this is done in threads you start? I didn't see you calling out recent character attacks on other threads.

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The points I made are examples of what I do not want in my threads.

So you expect different rules to apply on your threads and only on your threads? Other threads in the same sub-forum can do as they please?

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No opinion is a bad one in my eyes because to each his own. I have been saying over and over again. You trackin' now?

Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, not all opinions are correct. Opinions formed from correct, factual information, and decisions based from that informed opinion are much better and can stand up to scrutiny, yes? Opinions based on false information, over-hyped marketing, misleading comments, and decisions based on that ill-informed opinion are not likely to end in a good experience for the individual, correct?

1. Not my job to call out people in other threads if its not my thread. I generally stay out of pissing contests.

2. Yes, I have seen #%&*$# in my life I wouldn't wish my on enemy so civility in my threads isn't too much to ask.

3. You are correct as long and you aren't attacking the person.

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