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See Ice you're missing the point. By jackassery I mean threads turning is giant cess pools. Of course everyone has an opinion but just don't jump on someone for their opinion being opposite of yours. Live and let live, agree to disagree, etc etc etc.....

If someone got the F/A-18 and doesn't like that is fine. That is the point of this thread. It's the "Oh your opinions sucks dude." I consider counter productive and #%&*$# annoying.

Aren't you just contradicting yourself there? You want me to live and let live with regards to others but you don't seem willing to extend the same to others?

I consider false statements and overhyped claims to be counterproductive and annoying. If ED is great, then it will be easy to disprove my statements with facts. If ED is not great, then the less people that buy it and get a bad experience from false advertising is a win for flight simulation in general and COMBAT flight simulation in particular. People have their opinions and that's great. But there are also facts, which really do not care about opinions. People are also free to express such opinions and facts in SimHQ. If you don't like it, I'm sure there's a forum out there that is overflowing with the Kool-Aid and people all sing kumbaya.

"Oh your opinions sucks dude."
Please be so kind as to point out where anyone started and stopped with a statement like that. I agree with you that such statements are annoying, pretty much the same as best module EVARRR!!! biggrin However, I bet you will find that opposing statements are not done in such a way that you've described, so please do not respond to your interpretation of what is being said and instead respond to the actual words and points being stated.

- Ice