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I don't know how to characterize anything I've said about ED to this point as being complimentary. Some of their development is good, but their marketing is better. Their brilliance seems to be in providing empty promises and false expectations. There are entire threads about things which are completely imaginary.They just push modules out the door, rebranding and repackaging the same old thing, to make a quick buck to what they perceive as a gullible audience. I've read where there are people who buy the same module twice, I couldn't begin to make any sense of that, whether it's for Steam or not. I don't know anything about FC4 or its purpose.

Sorry for that, but you made statements like "they know exactly what they are doing" and "it is exactly because they know that customer base" so I thought you were trying to praise them a bit? Don't get me wrong, ED has had its moments. I actually own two modules of A-10C, purchased the second one so I could fly with my son, but I would say ED during 2010 and A-10C period is very different from ED now.

As for FC4, I don't think even ED knows its purpose. They'll say they do but if you take their reasoning and apply some critical thinking to it, you may realize ED doesn't have a clue.

- Ice