Are you just trying to be argumentative, is that the real aim of posting here, so I can show that I can argue about anything, nonsensical or not. The imaginary threads, and it's part of the larger issue with ED, is that I see people discussing systems ad nauseam because they think they exist in the sim, but they don't, or discussing preparations for modules that haven't in fact been conceived or aren't in any planning phase. It's actually a bit sad because it's sort of illusionary or delusionary.

If you're satisfied with ED and having waiting 15 years for any semblance of a study level module of a modern fighter, then I'm happy for you, I would say "good for you" but that would be patronizing. If you've now found yourself in love with ED, than that's okay too, also I'm happy for you both, and I wish you two the best. I just got involved with this thread because of the low speed behavior of the hornet, in a very unfortunate range, the landing range, and it may be related to the flaps issue. In my view, at low speed applying power is very slow to come on line, dangerously so, however to the contrary the plane goes between 100 to 200, or back to 100 from 200, almost instantaneously, with minimal changes in throttle input, which seems unrealistic and hyperresponsive similar to X-Plane except the problem there has to do with the flight axes, otherwise I'd most likely stop playing P3D. It makes controlling the aircraft during this portion of flight quite difficult, and in testing it again nothing has changed. Somewhere along the line portions of this thread became about how I personally feel, and evolved or devolved into something else, but overall, my main point throughout has been, this type of module or others like it could have been available or in development earlier or at other forks in the road, you're free to agree or disagree, but that's my opinion.