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Keep these fruit punch designers away from this cool game. yep

Trust me, they'll be demanding:

A . Moar Horribad what's her face loadouts.

Can we kill her? She's a complete LOSER! I want 99 LAZORS, no heatsinks amd a PPC.

Seriously, has anyone killed the BIATCH to see what happens?

Did I miss something? Where'd that come from?? biggrin biggrin biggrin

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Need my Mad Cat!

Oh dear Lord, yes please!!!!111!!"!1!!

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They are thinking of paid dlc. Watch the complaints fly over that!
(no problem here, its worth it....)

I would not think that would be an issue. HBS has delivered a good core product and if the DLC are of the same quality, I don't think how people can complain if they're too busy shooty-shooty!! biggrin

- Ice