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But Ice here is the deal.....I am not getting into that kind of jackassery anymore. If someone makes a statement like that, then live and let live. Back on my other account here going back to 1999 (and even being a moderator here) my fuse was short and anger swift. I grew the #%&*$# up and realized I was being a total dick-wad in some cases. If someone likes it that much and says something like that, then so be it. I would rather talk about simming, flying, killing bad guys and breaking their #%&*$#.

"Jackassery"? If you can tolerate the guys that makes statements like that, why can you not tolerate those that seek truth and accuracy in making statements? Seems like you're only interested in one side of the argument and that's fine, but it seems like you also think that the other side has no right to post and that's just messed up.

Start a thread about simming, killing stuff, or weapons employment and you'll find less of these types of discussion but ask what you did on your 1st and 3rd post on this thread and you're annoyed with the result of your questions? "What do you think of it?" is just asking for these types of responses.

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It's people like this who caused massive delays, numerous modules that nobody wanted, and occasional fixes like auxiliary relief valve to outboard flaperons causing momentary surge to opposite stabilizer fixed, worthless and completely unnoticeable.

What do you mean "people like this"? Are you implying ED listens to customer feedback to guide them as to which module to develop next? Because I don't think that happens at all. Delays and module selection have all been due to ED's incompetence or whatever reason they want to use to hand-wave it away; nothing to do with their customer base at all. If it were the case, ED would be developing a DC engine now. smile

- Ice