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Really good , least for me even now because my favorite era is 70-80 , so im happy with sparrows. And patches and updates come fast now.

Things are finally moving faster with dcs , patches and updates come almoust every week.

Patches/updates have always come regularly....It's the issue of what is fixed and what existing functionality gets broken that is the problem........and the priority of what gets fixed i.e. rain droplets rather than fundamental flight characteristics.
Anyway, not to deviate from thread, I haven't bought it and won't do so until it resembles promised functionality

Like BMP-2s blowing Flankers out of the sky. It has been about three years now? Apparently trees should now block ground vehicle visibility, but that doesn't help much on NTTR or PG maps. Gun, rocket and even bomb runs are almost suicidal. A BMP-2 or guy using a manual swiveling turret atop of a hummer (with no radar to assist with aiming) will blow you out of the sky after 2-3 runs. Outside of AGMs you can't really do CAS in DCS right now. That is a huge problem seeing that we have a few $50-60 modules out or coming out that are centered around these types of air to ground weapons.

Now I don't think the guys doing the affects have anything to do with the guys working on the AI, but they either need to refocus on this issue or bring aboard someone who can.

Air to air missiles is the next big one. They're going to need to rework missile dynamics for the Hornet and F-16. I can't claim I am a missile expert, but I don't think I can ever hit an enemy fighter at 10nm with an AIM-120 regardless of altitude, speed or launch angles. So while our expectations may be off I still can't imagine what we have in DCS is even close to realistic.