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I recently tried to download that Raven 2.0 mod for Rainbow Six 3 but I think it was taken down. Does that happen often as I thought that was a pretty popular mod.

I have two copies of the game (Rainbow Six 3 Gold)...

The Steam version has the ALLR6 set-up for MP and the optimize patch...

AllR6 MP set-up

The ALLR6 community has it´s own servers and a Discord channel. All very friendly folks.

The Ubisoft version has the latest version of the "Elite Counter-Terrorist" mod for SP play...

Elite Counter-Terrorist Mod

You need to install the "Iron Wrath" expansion first. Also found at ModDB.

Both work just fine on Windows 10.

Here´s another way to install a game set-up...

Alternate mod Install

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