Haven't heard from or of BBall in years. Hope he is doing well. Always enjoyed his stories and discussing the books we were reading.

And Ken "KC23" Cook. He wasn't with Frugals World for long as I recall, he went to the staff of a different site. But he was instrumental in the beginning of FW.

I mentioned it earlier, but the best thing I've ever done online was race Grand Prix Legends with the gang at Frugals. What a great group. I've had a great time flying Falcon 4 online, but nothing compared to the racing. I was SO in to it. I spent hundreds of hours practicing, just shaving off hundredths of a second in my Eagle. All those laps around the Nurburgring just to improve one sector by .002.

Special mention to Frank Steinbach, the best virtual race car driver I've known. I won the League title three years running, but that was only because Frank purposely chose to run in the Cooper (the slowest car in GPL) in order to give us mere mortals a chance. I've always enjoyed competition, but after high school and college I had fewer ways to find it. I played in a men's hockey league through my early 30s, but after that it was only golf. And GPL. I loved it.

Since then, sadly, there's little of this for me now. But the memories of what we did with those leagues stay with me even after all of these years. What a great crew.

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