I struggle to understand what people mean when they write things like "the flight model is spectacular. Nothing comes close".

You mean this is the best f-18 flight model? The best FM among all flights models?

I could arguably understand the first point. I mean, the others f-18 in the market are the FSX, BMS and XP. I do believe that DCS F-18 is already on the track to be the king with no contest AMONG OTHERS F-18. BMS has always been a F-16 FM simulator. Yes, they did add a few FM for others aircraft but it is not a study level.

The second point is even worse. You would be on track if you say something like "DCS F-18 flight experience gave me the best experience ever" and this would undeniable. Sounding like DCS F-18 is the best FM is pretty stupid because it is implying that others FM are either wrong or sucks, which both would be wrong statements. For example, let's consider both DCS A-10C and F-18 FM. They both have flaws but both are believable and replicate RL with a good degree of fidelity (some more, some less...remember no FM can replicate 100% RL not even professionals). Now you cannot simply say that F-18 FM is better than A-10C just because one gives you more satisfaction, this is just naive. In RL their flight capabilities are simply different, dictated by physics flight dynamics and they will behave completely different. They will provide completely different experience and the same concept applies to flight simulators.

I've read too many time this sort of statement and they always sounded like...this is best flight model ever, superior to anything else in the market. Surely at some point a FM is better than another FM but it not something easy to quantify, moreover for hobbyist like us that has no access to data to compare.