"The flight modeling is spectacular."
Why do I hear that every time a new module comes out? People apparently become so knowing of any planes' handling characteristics that they feel need to speak out. Then after the first FM update, they're like "yea it's much better now - we luv u ED".
But hmmm... wasn't it as good as ever earlier already? Well in that case at least it got updated, cause hey - people like nothing more than updates. Updates, updates, updates - whether it's Windows or any other program, updates are always welcome since what could go wrong - afterall updates make all things better, even people's lifes! --- Hmm sidetracked a bit there...

Anyway, back to bug. Hornet is ok, but has some very serious issues with the drag - also "flaps effect" seems to be inverted. I'm not expert with Hornet flight characteristics, but putting flaps down certainly doesn't make your plane's nose to pitch down... like .. ever.
Good sides? Plenty, working pretty well for an unfinished module (~10000x better than my beloved RAZBUMs productions).

Probably gets some updates in near future (whatever that means in ED Land..).

But I like the Bug (now that's sum you won't hear everyday).

And two more of these: () (Nothing more to add to that sentence). ...... doh!

Give a man fish and he gets food, give a man a fishing rod and he asks for another one.