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they are going to select probably the A-10C, F-5E, L-39 and F-18C - maybe it is not a bad thing, unfortunately I'll have to skip FC4 as well , due to lack of tree time.

Counter guess:

-Black Shark

^all are first party modules. Bundling the third party products could get messy down the road. Will be interested to see if third parties take this approach as well though.

Plus, WH and BS already have 'game' avionics and flight models. So, basically half the FC level 'down grade' is done.

Taking a glass half-full view: a nice and (presumably) affordable way to attract fresh blood to the scene. This isn't for customers they have, it's for ones that want. Re-packaging current assets is a lot more affordable from a resource stand point than 'starting from scratch.' If they use this as a chance to build in new platform features (eg. Dynamic campaign), then they'll likely get the current crowd riled up again.

Still, agreed on being disappointed at these being current modules, versus broaching into new territory.

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