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yeah DBond, you're such a meager personality hahaha

Well the only impression I had on DBond was his FalconAF campaign AARs, a guy that enjoyed and mastered the dynamic campaign. And with a lotta forum post count. Didn't even know he was a moderator. Unthinkable nowadayz where everybody was trying to be the forum overlord or the lord's pet - but I know that ppl don't simply become bad in 10 years, but the system they reside in has changed.

And tbh I never even quite see Frugal much. Except one time where I argued with a notorious character for like 12 pages on F4AF's AIM9X flight model and frugal himself finally locked the thread. Ofc LP later did fix them and then some, and eventually a later BMS guy told me a way to hex edit the files rather easily, so it was all good!