Good point on the moderation at Frugals, one "never" saw them (yeah DBond, you're such a meager personality hahaha) but I'm sure they did their thing in the background and just like here at SimHQ I find it we have stellar mods but when forums started to show up at the producers, ED in particular, I find that <self censored> kind of moderation is just plain sad.
It also breeds a special kind of members, call them brown-nose if you want, and I can't browse ED boards a single time not reacting to someone "trying to be the devs best friend" by their posting.
Why the heck do they praise the 3rd party devs for fixing stuff in a pre-release? THEY ALREADY TOOK YOUR MONEY AND ARE SUPPOSED TO FINSISH WHAT THEY PROMISED, <double self censored>

But I'm getting way off topic.

I never saw that kind of mentality at Frugs nor here.