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Somebody explain what Frugals was to someone who has never been? How is it different for SimHQ? Or was it just special because there were fewer simming forums back then and it was the golden age of flight sims?

First and foremost I think everyone has his own reasons.

So my take is

1) there were fewer simming forums back then - definitely. So frugs is effectively home to all kinds of simming folks. Unlike nowadays each game has its own forum and I find each crowd doesn't mix with the other. adding social media and game platforms such as steam and discord. But frugs was where everybody hang around and they all talked. Even within the F4 world the LP devs and BMS devs were all residing in the same place. Hah:p

2) and it was the golden age of flight sims - definitely. Community hall here has been over this many times so.. My experience was mostly Falcon4, but all the good sims were present as well. And the entire forum was just a huge knowledge base for Falcon. Plus sim hardware, LAN meet and all the other good stuffs were happening.
My stint was when flight sims commercial dev was coming to a gradual close and community modding was starting to thrive, and personally it struck a good balance.

3) moderation. Mods were there but mostly I couldn't see them. So users are usually free to post what's on his mind. I'm finding this very rare nowadayz. Probably since forum moderation is by a 3rd party, there essentially was a speech vacuum left over for common users, much like SHQ perhaps. And probably the internet buiz world had not realized the importance of forums. And it wasn't either hosted by a community modding group where public forums are disliked. Or maybe it was frugal's personal belief that it be so, I dunno don't know Frugal personally but I guess it could well be here. But this was probably the best one for me at least. Like Oden implied, the frugalites were quite.. free, and spirited, and I think it was thanks to this. Actually I think the entire internet was different back then compared to now, a lot less regulated and monetized.

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