Sure some part of the greatness was that it was part of the "beginning", not that I visited during the really early, green/black days was it? but it was huge with all kinds of sections (in my view back then) but pretty much same size as SimHQ is today.
I enjoyed the ArmA and Falcon parts in particular, DMarkwick was his name? did some kool addons for old Arma.
But I think there was more "strong personalities" among the Frugalites, many I've rarley seen since. Aragorn is one character one just cannot forget and I had some dispute with RAM22, later banned at BMS - long before me smile but I liked him. I had one guy sending e-beer to me and I shared back, it did cost a few frug-bucks though smile

Dunno, really hard to put so many years and experience into a few words so I guess it ends up with the old lame "one must have been there" smile

Edit: Oh and did I mention Mowers thong thread? Right Boomer? haha

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