Wow, that upgrade is exactly what the Warthog throttle should have shipped with in the first place!

Unfortunately, the force-sensing version lacks a click-down, but if you've seen a mil-spec slew transducer before, that's accomplished by literally placing a pushbutton at a right angle to the whole transducer and having a lever push down on it when the transducer as a whole slides back onto the lever. It's very bulky, and the Warthog throttle has no internal space for it due to the screw wells holding the grip together.

I think the space sim crowd would prefer the ALPS microstick version anyway, just for the ease of holding it to max deflection over time for strafing's sake.

If anything, though, what I really want to know is how they accomplished encoding analog axis values into the digital SPI format that the Warthog throttle is expecting. That alone would give me some ideas regarding that surplus A-10 throttle conversion project I keep putting off, as far as using an actual TM Warthog throttle PCB goes.