The rub for me is that they continue to sell more and more expensive "concept" ships and claim the game isnt pay 2 win. But they went fairly far out of their way to make it so you cant buy a ship in the current version of the playable game. In fact that took out the ship rental system that was working when the PTU launched. Right now you can only play with whatever ship you bought with real money. They also have made all the starter ships broken or worthless. So if you bought the basic package with the starter aurora you get your arse handed to you by anyone with a 100+ dollar ship. The starter ships also cant do any of the cargo missions that people use to make money to buy armor, weapons and ship gear.

They have literally made the game P2W with expensive ships even though they said they would never do that. But it all feels like a scummy way to push ship sales for real money.

The longer this goes on without any even talk about fixing it and putting ship sales with in game money the worse and worse this feels. I went from highly recommending the game to people cause it was fun to play (and it is fun to play) to telling people to steer clear of it all together.

Maybe they ARE working on fixing the p2w problem but they are very vocal with the community with what they are working on and in game ship sales isnt listed. If you bring this topic up on their forum you get banned. If you bring it up on reddit you get downvoted to oblivion. People just dont want to talk about it.

Which is sad because the game is beautiful and a joy to play as long as you bought a 100-200 dollar ship.

In the past the argument has been you dont have to buy anything past the starting package for 35-45 dollars. If you want to buy more its because you are supporting the game development but you can play everything with just a starter package. That is NOT the case right now. They've gone far out of their way to make it so you feel pressured to buy a bigger and better ship just to play the base content in the PTU. That is scummy IMO.

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And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
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