I highly suspected that it was a leftover relic of the underlying WWII code that wouldn't require that feature. That said, since the players planes can break their wings, OBD did somehow manage to introduce that possibility into the code. Point certainly taken about exact calculations for how much wing stress each plane can take before breaking, though theoretically they already figured that out when they assigned the values to the players planes.

Here's a different idea though:

I wonder if a shortcut would be not to introduce gforce damage to the AI planes at all, but rather lump all planes into one of perhaps 3 categories of dive capability and then simply limit how long (or how much altitude it can lose) before it pulls out whenever the AI specifically does the steep dive manuever. Low quality planes dive for the least amount of time before pulling up into another move, moderate for a bit longer and then planes like Spads could dive much longer and farther. The AI would then pull out of the dive based on the assigned value (or before hitting the ground) before wing damage would likely have occured, simulating (very roughly) the extent that the plane could handle that type of dive. Of course it wouldn't be perfect, but it would be more realistic than an AI controlled EIII or N11 power diving a few thousand feet and pulling out to escape the player who has no hope of folllowing. Bonus would be to include skill in the determination, where AI ACE pilots could dive a bit farther (due to their skill), moderate would use the default values and Novice AI pilots wouldn't be able to dive as far for fear of ripping their wings off and not really knowing the limitations of their craft. Again - not perfect - but still moving the ball forward a bit.

What do you think?

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