Not to throw too much cold water on this, Hellshade, but I believe that JJJ has looked extensively at this issue and has concluded that the AI operates by a different set of rules than the human player, at least in regard to wing stress. My suspicion is that this is a leftover from CFS3 code. Since CFS3 was originally designed as a WWII simulator, it didn't include any variables relating to wing collapse due to overspeed, since that problem in plane design had mostly been solved by the time of WWII.

Rex Hannover and OBD might be able to create such a variable, but then they would have to figure out how to train the AI to pay attention to it without appearing too robot-like. Given the variety of aircraft (Albs and Nieuports on the one hand and Spads on the other), plus variety of pilot skills and experience, I suspect this might be quite difficult to do. I entirely sympathize with your point, however. It is disappointing to see the AI overuse the "power-dive" escape move, particularly since we can't follow them. Maybe the AI is a lot smarter than we give them credit!

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