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Yes, just a....tad...

Watching your latest video, it came to my mind that sometimes I wonder how is it that AI planes manage to make such tremendous dives without losing their wings. When enemy two-seaters make 4000 feet semi vertical dives only to recover when above the trees and I see my flight mates following them almost on the vertical I envy their structural integrity management.

My limited understanding of this phenomenon is that some of the modders have looked into how the AI can do this and they either haven't discovered why it happens or they are unable to change it so the AI flies by the same structural limitations that are imposed upon the player. If there was ever a way to get the AI to respond to the structural limits of their own aircraft, I think it would make the dogfights even more interesting because they would literally keep alitude for significantly longer periods of time. There would be "more dogfight and less dive" in many encounters. My guess - which probably has no bearing on reality at all - is that the AI coding doesn't have a way to recognize when their aircraft are being stressed, so their planes are just made immune to g-forces rather than have numerous dogfights end with the enemy ripping their own lower wings off during extended dives. While it might be interesting to see once in awhile, as I am sure it did happen in real life, it would get old pretty fast to see it happen with such frequency.

If someone can mod the AI to detect the stress levels of the wings OR limit how far each particular type of craft will dive (Spads much longer than N11s, for example) before switching to another tactic, it might more closely simulate how pilots would handle their craft during air combat. Is either one of those a possibility? (I will ask in the mods section)

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