Multiple strafing runs against a solitary, parked Aviatik sitting on the end of the runway and I managed to blow off BOTH lower wings. Certain he's done for, I turn back only to see the crazy German pilot starting to taxi his plane down the runway for takeoff! He's either really determined or really desperate to get into the air.

In any case, I can't have it so I circle around behind him and strafe him again. He never gets off the ground, of course, and slams into a copse of trees just past the end of his runway, causing his already disabled plane to catch fire and take more damage. One final strafe past and I kill the pilot with a few well placed rounds. I don't want anyone that determined to ever get up in the air against me! I salute him though. He certainly had the courage of a fighter pilot.

Just when you think you've seen everything in this sim....

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