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Nice to see your starts improving.

I raced motocross for 11 years, so if you have any questions about racing ask away smile


First...let me apologize...I know it's painful for an experienced motocrosser to watch super noob footage like mine wink . I put it up there for family and friends mostly. When I was thinking about joining, I was scouring Youtube for beginner footage to see what the deal was and didn't find much so maybe it will help someone on the fence. Being 50 and new to dirtbiking...I think I've plateaued somewhat skill wise. The best advice is always practice, practice, practice. With a demanding job, getting time to show up on race day is about all I can squeeze in so my improvement is very slow. Starting so late at my age...there seems to be a problem connecting the gonads to the throttle hand. I know I would take less of a pounding if I kept on the gas and cleared some of these step-up jumps I'm flat landing on the face.

I set a goal for myself to try and race a full season this year...and have fun! thumbsup The pre-gate-drop jitters are still there after 16 drops under my belt...don't think they're going away anytime soon. Racing the Nationals in 2 weeks...2 motos Sat. and 2 on Sun. It's my first so we'll see if I can make it a second day.


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