JJJ65 has asked me to advise everyone that the Mission Editor readme file has again been updated, although it has the same version number (version 1.5.9).

Thank you to JJJ65 and Robert_Wiggins for their tireless support of the ME and the readme file.

It is strongly urged that you download and read the new file, as it contains many changes and updates concerning many of the new features contained in the Mission Editor. This is the first major update or revision of the readme file since it was originally published. Several of the major changes include:

1) The entire readme has been updated to be accurate as of the latest ME update (version 1.5.9)
2) Several sections rewritten in order to improve readability and clarity.
3) Several new additions to the readme to include instructions on how to edit pilots, place waypoints, use the Weather Manager, etc.
4) How-to section moved to the beginning of the document, changelog moved to the end.
5) Many additional changes and tweaks.

A .pdf version of the ME readme file can be found here: WOFF UE Mission Editor Tutorial Readme

Please note that for some cotton-pickin' reason, Foxit pdf viewer may display the readme in reverse order. Please note that the how-to section should be at the beginning of the document and not the end. A larger file size version in .docx format should display correctly and is available here

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