WOFF UE Mission Editor 1.5.9 released. Download link available here
ME 1.5.9 Revison changes:
1) WeatherMod - implemented BuckeyeBob's Thunder and lightning mod. Thanks Bob. User can enable/disable thunder and his option is saved to Config file. Mission editor also checks the mission date and automatically disables thunder and lightning during autumn and winter periods.
2) Takeoff and landing times - Mission editor adds new feature - sunrise and sunset watchdog. When mission start is 30 minutes before sunrise or mission calculated landing time is 30 minutes past sunset, Mission Editor shows warning window and offers flight plan/time modification.
Sunrise and sunset times are calculated in respect to current date, latitude and longitude, and displayed at top R/H corner of screen. Thanks to Fullofit for his request.
3) Populated airfields - static aircraft use correct skins of units stationed (if free skin slots are available or unit is flying in current mission)
4) Fixed bug in Lonewolf routine, that caused the lone wolf missions did not work if mission was flown with less than 4 units (squadrons).

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