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Would it be possible for ME to give me a warning that my mission will start in total darkness and offer me a choice to move time forward, so I can see where I’m flying? I get so excited that I forget to check when I’m in the briefing room. Also, it could warn me that my mission could end after sunset. Do I want to start earlier? That is if ME can double as a time machine, of course. If not, maybe just a simple “sun up” and “sun down” graphic in the weather section.
This is exactly what baters me the most and it is on my TODO list since I have started my coding of ME. Honestly, I am not able to figure out the sunrise and sunset (light conditions) for every day in WOFF. If you can share any idea how to solve that problem, I would very appreciate that.
Just a note - never set time in ME backward (not even a minute). The WOFF may have problem to chew it up and can exit with a crash.