Wow, this thread was buried almost at the bottom of the page! Let’s fix that. With the new version of ME imminent, I thought of something else that could be added. No, not new planes. Would it be possible for ME to give me a warning that my mission will start in total darkness and offer me a choice to move time forward, so I can see where I’m flying? I get so excited that I forget to check when I’m in the briefing room. Also, it could warn me that my mission could end after sunset. Do I want to start earlier? That is if ME can double as a time machine, of course. If not, maybe just a simple “sun up” and “sun down” graphic in the weather section.
Speaking of the weather, l’ve noticed that before fiddling with the wind direction, the arrows show random directions, but once the direction is changed all the arrows point in the same direction. Could it be possible for the arrows to point in the general direction selected, but have that random deviation? And more importantly, would the wind in the sim follow these randomized directions?

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