Okay so I'm flying in formation with my friends in Jasta 2 and I see some specs at my 7 o'clock. As we are still behind our lines, I break formation and go to investigate. Can't have any nasty Allied two seaters reporting back troop locations. Sure enough, flying straight towards me were a pair of recon aircraft, eager to get back to their side and tell their commanders of all they had seen. I have to say, the Gods of War with with me in my rather brazen attacks on them. Not long after, I rejoined my flight and we ran afoul of some Nieuports. One thing I have to say about OBD is they know how to make it feel like total chaos and desperation up in the sky. And one minute, all hell is breaking loose. The next, the skies are completely clear. I love this sim.

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
videos at www.youtube.com/hellshade68