Same here! SInce v3, this moves like a heavy rock! i5 with 8GB ram and a GTX1060. Login takes for ever too!

Backed SC back in 2013 with a Hornet Tracker, hope they fix this because I too is losing patience with Mr Chris Roberts. Beside that, on kickstart they said the game would be finished in 2015, that´s three light years ago, and Iam sure they wont finish this year either!

But then, if you have folks buying $1,500 ships, well Iam sure you think your the God of the universe, just make more ships and keep on making more money! TBH I regreat every penny/euro I spent! I was just to hyped at the time (2013).

You want a real space sim, get Rogue System, a one man team and doing ALOT better then SC! Michale is a great guy too...
Steam: Rogue System


Win10 Pro(x64), i7 8700k @ 4.7Ghz, 32GB ram DDR4, EVGA GTX 1070ti 8GB, M.2 PCIe NVMe (x2) 480GB + 960GB SSD´s, LG 29" Ultrawide 21:9 monitor, Logitech G13 and G502, TM Warthog HOTAS, CH Pro pedals, TrackIR 5.0, Corsair Void Pro 7.1 USB.