Nice race Vids Sir. Cograts on your second place trophy. Just quit smoking, it definitely is holding you back. I am 54, last week, and I woke up one morning over 20 years ago and was literally weezing, smoking 1.5 packs of Marlboros a day, and said to myself, SELF, you are a F#ck%$g idiot, QUIT SMOKING, and I did. My health is much the better for it, not to mention my wallet. I run 5+ miles 3 times a week, ride(road bicycle) 20- 40miles 1 to 2 times a week(in winter) and work out 3 times a week plus full time employment. Quitting smoking will help your overall stamina by letting your lungs deliver more o2 through your blood to support longer muscle use before tiring. It may take a while for your lungs to recover and deliver the better performance, but I have read that lungs do recover some over time. To what capacity , I am not sure, but anything is better than the present road you are on. Don't try to quit, just tell yourself, SELF, I QUIT and be true to yourself and do it. IMHO, one is addicted to the habit more than the drug. Habits can be broken in 22 days. Don't try, DO!!! Now off to get ready for my ride on and around Sawnee Mnt. Ga. on a Sunny 60 degree day! Wahoo. Be Blessed!