Duke, you are correct about Robert having a thing for the bat, but then who are we to judth ... judth ... i think the Tullamore Dew is kicking in.

Fullofit, the bat has yet to see its better days if this BOC president has anything to say about it. Those dents and scrapes and taped repairs are badges of honour each and every one as they speak to our rich tradition and ceremony, the latter of which I shall now elaborate on for those unfamiliar:

Each new initiate will place themselves upside down upon the wooden school chair, perched atop a precarious pile of furniture in the Mess, with the soot-encrusted soles of their flying boots pressed firmly against the ceiling. Vice President Dej, or in his stead Robert, (or for that matter any other senior member who wishes), shall then give each initiate three whacks with the cricket bat, following which the initiate shall recite the words, "Oooh Matron! Is that a dodo in my trousers?", in an octave higher than his normal speaking voice. Upon descending from the perch each new member shall then be given a glass of Warsteiner which they will raise in salute to our assembly, saying "Per dementia ad astra!", at which we shall all down our drink in one.

Good times ... good, good times.