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I say just keep the story as it is, it’s really going well, and use ssnake to proocheck your next seehearspeak

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Awesome stuff.

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Like you said, critical questions are (hopefully) useful to make the story even better.

Thanks for engaging all! Will keep pounding away on the keyboard ... am keeping the flow a few chapters ahead of what I’m posting, going back to proofread and then putting a chapter online so progress is solid. I’m thinking it will bottom out around 150K - 180K words but then I’ll be asking you what I can cut because I am a great believer in Elmore Leonard’s maxim ‘cut the parts people won’t want to read’! The good news Ssnake is that a lot of your very good observations are already covered in the plot as I have written it but I won’t say more because, spoilers!

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