I was thinking the same thing! We need a recipe thread.

This is a protein cookie I made up after looking at tons of other recipes. My wife and I LOVE THEM.
All portions are to taste of course, but this is a good starting point. Mainly get the consistency right, to the point you can scoop out with a spatula and it sticks is about right. They should stay in roughly the same shape as you put them on the cookie sheet.

UPDATE: I now add unsweetened applesauce. I forget the jar size, but it’s large. I use half the jar, or the whole thing and leave out the syrup. Adds to the spice cake type flavor. No butter now, and nutmeg instead of pumpkin pie spice.
Updated to what makes 14-18 cookies.

EAT THESE HOT! Best right out of the oven. If not, store sealed up. This is oatmeal after all, so it will dry out. I heat up one of the large ones for 1:10 in the microwave, 2 for 1:40. No good cold!


3 cup old fashioned oatmeal (these are the full size ones)...the big round container, not instant packets
3 cups cut/quick oatmeal (the cut up smaller kind)...the big round container, not instant packets
1 stick of low cal butter/margarine, preferably olive oil based
Half bottle of Walden Farms Pancake Syrup...this stuff is awesome, zero calories and not expensive. There are other brand as well, but I like this one.
1 can of raw pumpkin...don't let that bother you, this ends up tasting like spice cake, not pumpkin pie. Use raw mashed sweet potato if you prefe
1/3 to 1/2 large jar unsweetened apple sauce, as needed to make mixture more fluid, easy to stir
4 tsp pumpkin pie spice nutmeg
8 tbs ground cinnamon
3 scoops of whey protein, cinnamon swirl flavor or vanilla. Good stuff to have around for a drink or recipes. HUGE bottle, pretty cheap. Find at Amazon or Walmart for $16. LINK TO AMAZON
Add other stuff per your own taste, but I use:
~half bag butterscotch cookie chips...works better with this than chocolate chips IMO
2/3 cut diced dates
2 cups cranberries or blueberries...get real, not dried...I pref blueberries
flaxseed meal...for a little more fiber

Mix the dry stuff first, then add the pumpkin etc.
Add more syrup or even some olive oil or applesauce if it's too dry to mix, add more protein or oatmeal if it's too thin. Sticky, but not hard.

Put clumps, I make them large, about the size of the palm of your hand and drop onto (sprayed with oil) cookie sheet. This makes about 10-12 depending on how big you make them.
If the consistency is right, they will not spread but will keep the shape when you put them on the sheet.
350° for 15 minutes.

Consider this more of a breakfast replacement. 1 holds me over until I eat a late lunch after a workout. Fine for snacks, but it's FILLING. If done right, this is almost bread or cake like rather than traditional cookie.

Stats: Compare this to one of those $2 protein cookies!

Calories: 241...that's light for a breakfast
Total fat: 5.9g
....Sat. fat= 1.9g
Sodium: 100 mg
Total Carbs: 35.5g
...Fiber: 3.6g
...Sugar: 18.7g
Protein: 11.8g

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