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It started as an AAR, now the book is out on Amazon!

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So ... over the Dec break I had some lovely quiet time and managed to combine a couple of passions ... writing and flight sims. I started playing around with an idea for a future-warfare book set around AD 2030, for which I would need some good air combat scenes. So I jumped onto DCS World (Flaming Cliffs), creating various air-air and air-ground scenarios and flying them for inspiration. Not the usual AAR material I know, and there is no actual DCS content used (screenshots etc) but maybe you'd like to read along as I put the results of the various dogfights into novel format!

My idea in this thread was to build it into a novel I could put online and generate some sales that can be donated to support SimHQ. A lot of SimHQers pitched in and helped out with technical details, proofing and plot points! So here it is, you are welcome to download this early draft version here. The final version will no doubt be quite different...

And thanks again to those who read along for a lot of fun along the way!

(c) 2018 Fred 'Heinkill' Williams, writing as Tim Slee. Other books available here![/url]

A couple of disclaimers/explainers:

a) this was just for fun. Any glaring technical errors pls feel free to still point them out or have an opinion: technical points/debates, advice from vets etc welcome right up until the book is published (and afterward too)!

b) my idea here was to explore the idea of what a future war involving UCAV and piloted aircraft could look like if the war fighting potential of the UCAV was taken to an extreme. So none of the weapons I'll refer to here actually exist yet, which is also part of the fun. What I have done is look for any reports/data on 'next gen' systems and then just used my imagination together with dogfight inspiration from a few hours in Flaming Cliffs.

Cheers and all original content in this thread is

(C) 2018 Fred 'Heinkill' Williams, writing as FX Holden

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