So a bit of a necro post I know, but I figured it was easier to bring this one back to life then start a new thread since there are plenty of details here.

I saw this thread, was intrigued and d/l the client and installed everything (it's 8 GB roughly total, the initial d/l is about 600mb). Fired it up and hopped onto a "training" server that was showing in the server browser. I had a chance to mess around for about 20 minutes with it before I had to deal with NYE festivities. So the short version:

I like the concept and it could work seriously well. There are power armor (Clan and IS elementals basically), ground vehicles, air vehicles, mechs, artillery, etc, it truly is a combined arms show. You have a stash of C-Bills, and you earn more from various things (spotting, killing enemies,etc) and you use your c-bills to buy whatever you want to drive. Your mech/vtol/whatever spawns at certain locations (your home base to start, you capture other locations to get a more forward spawn point), and then you hop in and drive it to battle. All builds are fixed and based on actual lore from the BT universe, so you handily avoid the issue of people creating "uber" or "meta" builds. Also you can run over infantry with vehicles and mechs, not sure about stepping on vehicles or other mechs, need to research that.

The combat has more depth in general as well. For example to have linked data sharing between mechs you have to have mechs equipped with a C3 system to share it's contacts. Having your radar on "active mode" gives you the biggest detection range, but conversely it is detectable at long range, and aerospace and artillery units can attack based just off your signature. Also as far as I can tell, the damage and armor more closely follows table top values (MWO doubles armor values compared to tabletop for instance), so being in a light over even a medium and taking PPC fire is not gonna be pleasant.

As the game is more "old school" in the sense you can host your own servers, it's ideal to be able to have group play with folks you know and like. Also you can setup your own server for unit training, etc.

Overall I really like the concept, and I'm going to spend some time playing seeing how it all works out. There are definitely some quirks that aren't tabletop, but I think overall it's looking like a pretty good transition.