For those that can read Russian; Bellingcats report on what we know 3 years later


"Russian Colonel General Identified as Key MH17 Figure"

A joint investigation between The Insider and Bellingcat used open source research, investigative journalism, and forensic voice analyan sis to determine the identity of “Delfin,” a key figure sought by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), the Dutch-led criminal investigation into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17). The investigation has identified, to a high degree of certainty, Delfin as Colonel General Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev, currently serving as the Chief Inspector of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation.

Very detailed report! I don't have time to read it before work..


Photo of "Delfin" alleged Colonel General Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev.