It doesn't look so, but the textures really make the most work. It's hard to find good photos at the web and all which looks nice are screenshots from DCS of course, so they are not useable.

I have to correct so many things like angle of view and the zoom factor of the photos to have something useable. That's also the reason why the lettering isn't readable in most cases.

Maybe someone who's native language is russian has the desire to do the lettering if the pit is finished. I'm not able to do so and have also no russian character set installed, but I think in case of realism the russian helos should really have a russian lettering.

The MI-28 will be a lot harder to do I think, cause for the KA-50 many textures already exists and I just have reworked them, but for the MI-28 we only have the simple cockpit version without many detailed textures.

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