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Last things added to the pit, I thought of which were missing. The overhead is already intergrated in the cabin.

Maybe I will need some help with the moving things. I adjusted alot in the cockpit related to size and positions, so it might be possible that a lot of the old animations like the cyclic and the pilot itself do not fit exact anymore. I will try to fix it myself, but don't know if I'm able to do.

Most switches etc. are still missing and will be added after the texturing, but I thought that those parts I just added should be in the cockpit in 3D. The green blocks at the panel are the warning lights which will also be 3D. Same goes for the second MFD at the right side and its buttons. Don't now how hard it is to get the collective and the pedals moving like in some of the other helos.

Picture was made with use of single sided surfaces:

Good work. Do you want to upload them somewhere, and I'll take a look?