O.k. I'm doing the KA-50 cockpit at the moment and will make a complete rework of it. If I'm finished I will upload the KA-50 including pit, but this will still take some time.

I have no possibility to work on it over the weekend at the moment and this was the time I accomplished the most in the past. After this I will try to rework the MI-28 and if I'm able to do so I will also create a two-seater cockpit for it, but I'm definitely not able to get the whole instrumentation thing working in EECH.

That's why I want to ask if there is anyone who will help me to get the cockpits and systems of those helicopters I'm still making, to work. If not, it makes no sense to work on this further because I'm not able to do all needed things on my own.

Don't get me wrong, I just want to ask because I have another great project here, my homecockpit, which also has to be finished. I put this on hold to finish the russian helos for Allmods first, but this is only reasonable if they will be fully functional in Allmods. If not it's only a time consumption work for nothing.

I don't want to bring my own models to Allmods, it's just the only thing I'm able to do for helping a bit with the project. If someone else want's to improve the russian helos, I have no problem with it. I really would like to help with other things like coding or anything else, but I'm not able to do so. I started a bit with coding but what I've seen it took me at least a year to be able to make some small things working. Considering that there is my homecockpit also, learning coding now makes no sense. On the other hand, without being able to do some codework there is no way to finish the improvements of the russian helicopters.

I only decided to make the russian helos, because they weren't incorporated much in the past, with exception of the MI-24. My idea was to bring them to the state the US choppers already have. They aren't my favorite ones I would absolutely like to see perfectly made in Allmods, I just want to finish things. If I could decide what I really would like to have flyable in Allmods, it would be an AH-1F Cobra for sure.

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