While looking at the 3D model of the inside cockpit for taking some screenshots I like to use for the mini-cockpit as textures, I thought about reworking some things again. Now I have a bit more knowledge how to start with it. For this I have removed the whole cover first.

A shot of the nude cockpit winkngrin and the new made cockpit-cabin. I used the model itself for the cabin, so it's exact the same as the shape of the fuselage. It has seperate walls for in- and outside now. Windows will follow and I make a seperate door also, so that this part can be animated like e.g. in the KA-52.

Don't know if I'm able to do the animation, but I want to prepare it for further improvements. There will be a nose added also, which I planed to use the same texture as for the fuselage. This way the camo for the nose changes with the standard, desert or winter camo to be compatible with the external model.

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