I'm not sure why I stopped updating...

My set goal was the 2:29 laptime that my friend set on our very first visit - so when I crashed in 2013 I was doing 2:30s or such, and it was really disappointing to find that after the crash I was back into the 2:50s or at least high 40s.. I was really frozen on my left hand side in all the left turns, all stiff for fear.

Too me two more years to somewhat recover (2014 was #%&*$#, sometimes I was slower on the next training than the previous... which never had happened before) and 2015 finally was some high 30's again.

In 2016 (last year) we went all out, my other friend and I, and booked five events, for a total of nine days riding all over the summer. On the penultimate day of that season I finally broke the 2:29, almost had a highsider on the next lap (had to take a ride into the grass and sand pit), and from the first two sectors of that lap would have had a 2:25

That's me hugging the bike after it decided not to kill me.

[Linked Image]

For me it had been a great five years, a lot of emotional work to overcome the fear and doubt if I could do it. Technically the bike would be good for 2:10 or such, so at the level I'm riding it's really only my head deciding the laptimes.

Maybe next year the story continues biggrin

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