There were some serious flame wars at Frugals. We did our best to both keep them contained and to also allow a good deal of latitude. It was a forum where you had to have your big boy pants on.

For me anyway, it was the forum that had the most personality, the most camaraderie. It was a lot of fun hanging out there. I used to write feature articles for Frugal's, and got lots of good sims before release to write reviews. Like Steel Beasts and Battle of Britain for example. The Frugal's World Grand Prix Legends leagues we used to run were probably the best time I've had on the internet. I loved that stuff and miss it even now.

OH, yeah, and most guys would have joined after we went to the UBB style board. Before then, we used this

[Linked Image]

Thanks to Force10 for the image. This is what Frug's looked like prior to September 1999. It used the infamous Comet Cursor and the threads were the cascading type. I hated it and was so happy when we switched. Frug asked the moderators at the time, which was only me and Ken "KC23" Cook and we both voted to change. Up until then, we were mainly known for XCom, but soon after the flight sim stuff took off.

This image shows the old style board with posts in the fall of 2000. Not sure how, because I am fairly certain we made the switch in '99, but perhaps I mis-remember or perhaps the old style board was still an option?

I came to Frug's from the Combatsim boards. In the late 90's I was posting there about flight sims, mostly MiG Alley, EAW and Flanker. My MiG Alley campaign posts got Mark's attention and he asked me join the staff at Frug's and I was only too happy to do so. I did some stuff for Combatsim too, but not much, mostly EAW articles if I recall.

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