I don't know? It's hard to get information about the russian helos, as you mentioned before.

I have searched for the SH or T version cockpit but all I was able to find looks the same like the normal cockpit, so I think we can still use this one for that version.

I've just added some holding bows to the fuselage and will add some further small details. If I have enough time the next few months I planed to do upgrades with details for all helos and the moderinzed versions of the KA-52 and the MI-28 including their cockpits.

There is also a project my heart is set on and that's the AH-1F Cobra. I have started with the fuselage and make some additional work on it everytime I could not see the KA-50 anymore (too many hours on the same thing drives you crazy sometimes) biggrin

Maybe I will do an UH-1Y Venom, too. I think it would fit really good as an addition to the Blackhawk, because it has the same operational purpose for the Marines as the Blackhawk has for the Army. But first I will finish the work at the russian helos that are already in game.

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