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Yes I've realised it biggrin

Another question I have. Is it possible to steal animationed parts from other helicopters and just copy and paste the new parts in the scene and in the code?

Yes in theory, but the model parts would need to look the same as the model you're copying it to. This has been done a few times for animated pilot models, like in the Blackhawk and Kiowa.

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As still I'm working at the KA-50 I thought about making the KA-50T or KA-50SH (appears at different identifications at the web, don't know which one is the right one). That's the version with the two sensors in the nose. It looks like the cockpit of this version is still the same but it has a helmet display and night sensors.

So I could take the top sensor of the KA-52 make two different sizes of it and just flip it arround. After that the nose has also to be adjusted to fit the sensors and represent the SH/T version, but with exception of the animation this isn't a real big deal. I would try to make the model and the animation of the sensors (if I'm able) but I definitely also would need help for integrating this in the code.

Same goes for the new version of KA-52 Alligator which has the pericope removed in the cockpit. Here I have to search the web what had replaced the periscope. I think the periscope-view will now only displayed to the new much bigger MFD's of course, but I didn't know it for sure.

Yeah, you can make separate models, whichever is easiest. If that means using parts from other models. But in the code, it would need to be added as w whole new model, and be based on an existing model for ease of reuse.[/quote]

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I try to modernize the KA-52 and the MI-28 and their cockpits also a bit, but this will take a while. Never thought the KA-50 is that much work, but most of the time is gone for learning the whole thing. Was a bit of trial and error here hahaha

Some small experiment I started for a two-seater cockpit of the Havoc (used the same technics which was used for the KA-50), or is it better to make two seperate pits one for the pilot and one for the gunner?

I'm not exactly sure of the best way to make separate pilot/gunner models. You could take a look at the AH64d or Hind that thealx worked on and see how those models look for the separate cockpits.