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3D isn't a big problem anymore but alot of the animations part is still unintelligibly to me.

E.g. the cockpit door of the KA-50 isn't working. As far as I can understand it is no problem with the model it self, but as said animations are still hard for me to understand. Maybe the keyboard shortcut for this helo was left in the code itself, don't know.

I made a comment about this in the buglist. Sorry if this isn't a code problem but I'm not able to identify it with my knowledge at the moment. Still have to learn biggrin

The KA-50 cockpit was based on the Comanche (I think there are still reference to the comanche in the ka-50 code), so the door animation was probably added in the model, but not finished in the code. That cockpit was very unfinished, as you've probably realised through working on it.