There is absolutely no reason to buy into SC right now. I'd wait for 3.0 and beyond before even considering it.

The benefit of SC over most other space games is that you are a person in the game and not a ship. That is hard to explain but take elite for example. You first spawn in as a docked ship. you never leave the pilot seat. For all intents and purposes you ARE the ship.

What really draws me to a game like SC is that even if the ship is going down you could always bail out and explore on foot etc. But the game is a LONG way from being playable. Right now it is just a empty sandbox that isnt bery big. Soon it will be an empty sandbox that is slightly larger lol.

But the finished game has potential if they actually are able to follow through with it.

And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
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